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From the foundation of Arden on the Severn, an outside company by the name of Beach Shores, Inc. operated and maintained the beaches, boat ramps, and public amenities that we all share today under the name of Sunrise Beach, Inc. Over the period of about 20 years, from 1955 through 1975, they managed to do an ever-increasingly poorer job with that maintenance. In the early 1970's, a combination of lack of maintenance and rampant destruction left both the residents and the beaches taxed to the breaking point. In January 1973, the Arden Civic Association created a "Beach Liaison Committee" who approached Sunrise Beach, Inc. and began a campaign of investigation, financial campaigning, and formation of an operating group to manage and maintain the properties if acquired.

beach_acquisition_checks_1976_smIn 1973, ACA established a "Beach Buying Committee" and over a three year period, they negotiated a $60,000 purchase price with Beach Shores, Inc, formed the basis for the operating bylaws of the corporation, and managed to collect the money through loans and purchase contributions from the residents of Arden. On December 17, 1975, Arden Beaches, Inc/ was established and incorporated. The members of the Beach Buying Committee became the first Board of Directors. Effective April 29, 1976, the residents of Arden became the owners of the beaches and boat ramps through the purchase of the land and the creation of Arden Beaches, Inc. Ultimately, on August 9, 1976, the first meeting of the Arden Beaches Shareholders took place and formal elections were held to fill the elected positions of the corporation. Excitement was rampant and the beaches were overrun with residential volunteers who not only removed a majority of the trash, but also contributed time, work hours, and personal financing to rennovating many of the piers, boat ramps, and beach furniture that had not been taken care of previously. This was the start of the effort that governs the operating principles of Arden Beaches, Inc.  In total, 354 contributions and 46 loans were received by the Beach Buying Committee; with the additional 4 partial payments and 16 pledged (but unpaid) contributions, a total of 420 households contributed to the creation of Arden Beaches, Inc.

The caring group of individuals wishing to ensure the water safety of their neighbors, friends, and visitors to the Arden on the Severn (Arden) community became known as Arden Beaches, Inc. and set out to operate as the official governing body that manages and oversees the operation of of the beaches, picnic areas, and boat ramps within the Arden community. In the spirit of that tradition, the organization incorporated as a non-profit civic association and has since served to promote and enhance the quality of life for children and families in Arden.

Upon formation, Arden Beaches, Inc. subsequently developed three boat launch ramps, four beaches and several lots for parks. Arden Beaches, Inc. sold public shares for $50.00 each to Arden property owners to partly offset the cost of the sale and took over collection of the deed-mandated (mandatory) $22.00/yearly lot fee for maintenance of property that had been collected by Sunrise Beaches, Inc.

In 1989 Arden Beaches, Inc. established a user fee and permit identification system (decals) so residents can park vehicles and launch boats from ABI community property. Current fees are are decided based on the requirements of the organization to maintain the standards expected by the users of the community property within Arden. Please check the Registration page to see the current registration costs, to download a registration form, or to complete your registration on-line!

The members of the Arden Beaches, Inc. Board are selected from the community and elected to their positions wherein they determine the focus of ABI for the betterment of the shared assets of the community. Arden Beaches, Inc. meets regularly to review both public and private matters concerning the beaches and boat ramps in our community. Arden Beaches, Inc. also sponsors a number of social and work-action gatherings to benefit the children and families who live in our extraordinary beach community setting. This unique combination has provided countless summer memories and cultivated many friendships for families and friends at Arden.

Arden Beaches, Inc. meets the second Monday of each month, usually at 7:00pm, at the Arden Town Hall located on Omar Drive. Arden Beaches, Inc. conducts it's Annual Shareholders meeting in January of each year; the time, date and location are published in the NewsBuoy.

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