Make a Reservation

You MUST live in Arden to rent a beach.
Any reservations by non-residents will be ignored.

To make a beach party reservation, the first step is to see if your beach is available on the date that you would like to reserve it. Please visit the RESERVATION CALENDAR and first check if the date and time you want are available. If your date and time is already reserved, please note that depending upon size and time it is possible (on some beaches) to have more than one party at the same time!

The next step is to contact our Beach Reservations Coordinator about your reservation by visiting the Beach Party Registration Form, selecting the Arden Beaches, Inc Contact Group and and Beach Reservations as the Contact Person.

You MUST tell them the date and time of your requested party, the beach number that you would like to reserve for your party, and the approximate number of guests you intend to have at the party. At that point, an e-mail will be sent to ABI's Beach Reservation Coordinator and will be processed ASAP.

The Beach Reservations Coordinator will contact you about your request and, if the date is available, mark the community calendar with your name and time with a PENDING designation. It WILL NOT be CONFIRMED until you download the Beach Party Registration & Rules document; PRINT it out, fill it out, and send it to ABI, P.O.Box 365, Crownsville, MD. 21032 with your SEPARATE checks made out to ABI for $75.00 rental and $50.00 security deposit. Your security deposit will be mailed back within 10 business days if the beach is left clean and in need of no repair(s). Please make certain that your address accompanies your security deposit check.

UNTIL YOUR PAYMENT IS RECEIVED, your reservation will be placed on the calendar as a "PENDING" reservation.  Once the payment has arrived, the status will be changed to "CONFIRMED".

Remember, we are here to help you, not to complicate the process. Please feel free to E-mail the Beach Reservation Coordinator if you have any questions. If you would like to call them, they can be reached at the number listed in the NewsBuoy.

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