Our First Year - 1955

The following record was discovered while working through the scanning of 50+ years of NewsBuoy issues. What you will read is a brief history of the Arden Civic Association's first year of existence. The document was produced in 1956 by resident Isabel Maiatico, and the version that was recovered is on 8.5x11" paper and was hand-typed using a manual typewriter. Amazingly, the document is in pristene condition!


The idea for a Civic Association originated when Mrs. Charles M. Brown gathered some of the early residents together to compile a Directory. Out of these meetings for the Directory grew early plans for a Civic Group under the guidance of Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Anthony Maiatico.

After a preliminary meeting it was decided to invite all lot owners to a meeting to be held on the Maiaticolawn on May 21, 1955. At this meeting, by unanimous vote, the Association was organized, and a Nominating and Constitution and By-Laws Committee was appointed. At the next meeting held on Beach One, the Officers for the year were elected. Sections elected their delegates to the Executive Committee, and Standing Commnittees were formed. On July 16, a Community picnic was held on Beach One with great success; $287.00 was made. The program included games and entertainment after which supper was served. Our Public Relations Committee began functioning immediately, and a monthly paper, later named SUNRISE NEWS BUOY (The NewsBuoy as it is known today) was published. The meetings from July through September were held on the Beach. At the August meeting a motion was made to change the name of the development, several names were submitted. On July 28 at the County Commissioner's Office, three and a half miles of roads were deeded over to the County by Sunrise Beach, Inc. Through the efforts of Mr. Dingley, the school bus came into the development to pick up the children. At the September meeting the Association was informed that the incorporating of the Association had been completed.

Also at this meeting, a Charter Membership drive was started. During October we began to hold our meetings in the various homes; the first to be held at Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Meredith's. The members who entertained the Association in their homes were: Mr. and Mrs. George Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Roy T. Woodruff, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hinton, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Burke, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Tayman and Mr. Grant Davidson. The first of a series of Bingo parties was held at the Woodruff home. The school shelter was built at this time and the bookmobile began making semi-monthly stops on the development. A Halloween party was held in the new store building and was enjoyed by children and adults alike. Tables and benches were purchased for the Association's use. A Sunrise Beach column was started by Mrs. M. A. Meredith in the Maryland Gazette. On December 18, we held our Christmas party at the Meredith residence with lots of Christmas cheer. A Christmas tree, games, presents and supper made the evening one of the most successful. A deep freeze was raffled off and the proceeds of $120.00 were turned over to the Association to start a fire fund.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hinton were hosts for the Valentine party held on February 11. A representative was named by the Association to represent us at the meetings of the Severn River Association. We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a party at the George Martin's County Commissioner Boehm visited us at our meeting and stated that the County intends to improve the roads and erect five additional Street lights. Our Spring Fling was held at the Civilian Club of Ft. Meade, and on May 26, we boarded the Club S. S. Bison for a dinner party. Mr. Demming was appointed by Beach Shores, Inc. as our resident manager in charge of beaches.

After contacting all lot owners, the Change of Name Committee reported that "Arden on the Severn" was chosen to replace the name "Sunrise Beach". At the June meeting, held at Mr. Davidson's, the new officers were elected for the coming year.

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