Neighborhood Watch

Our Vision Statement

We are committed to preserving today and designing tomorrow through community camaraderie, communication, awareness education, and neighborhood policing in action.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Arden Neighborhood Watch program is to work in proactive partnerships with the law abiding citizens, and the local police and governing jurisdictions, to address issues of crime, fear of crime and neighborhood disorder, to achieve the goal of maintaining the exclusivity and integrity of our neighborhood while improving and enhancing the quality of life for all residents.

Values Statement

Our Neighborhood Watch is a volunteer based, community oriented patrol program committed to being the extra eyes and ears for our community for our local police agency, watching out for each other, and networking to build strong neighbor bonds.

  • We recognize and embrace the diversity of our community
  • We pledge to work as partners with law abiding neighbors and our local police department
  • We are accountable for our individual and team performance
  • Integrity is essential to our program
  • We depend on the community’s trust, confidence, and support
  • We commit to making every contact designed to enhance that relationship
  • We have a positive attitude and will look to accomplishments rather than obstacles

What is Neighborhood Watch?

Since 1972, neighborhood watch groups throughout the country have been helping to protect communities by working with local law enforcement agencies. These programs are great ways to get to know the people in your community. A neighborhood watch group is an effective way to prevent crime and vandalism around your home through community education and awareness, and promoting personal safety. It consists of a volunteer network of concerned and proactive citizens. One of the best ways to decrease crime in a community is for people within the neighborhood to be connected and communicate with each other. Neighbors need to know who and what activities belong in their neighborhood, what is unusual, and how to document and report suspicious activity. Criminals are less likely to go into an area if they know that the community is organized and united. Getting people to be watchful and involved in the safety of their community not only reduces crime, but increases the pride in making their neighborhood a safe and healthy place to live.

Arden Neighborhood Watch Program History

The Arden Neighborhood Watch program was kicked off in October 2007 after a recognized need to bring the community together in an effort to fight crime and keep our neighborhood safe. With the knowledge that the police can’t be everywhere all at once, we have teamed up with and provide an extension to police patrolling through a network of devoted volunteers who serve as the extra eyes and ears for the community. Since 2007, this program has gone through some growing pains and restructuring to accommodate the busy schedules of its volunteers. With the establishment of Section Representatives and Block Captains throughout Arden, we have successfully built networks through communication and active patrolling to report suspicious activity enabling us to take a proactive approach to suspected, and active, criminal activity in the community. This established network is impressive and continues to grow in community support and volunteer effort. With much work to be done, and a constant commitment to the cause, the Arden Neighborhood Watch program is here to stay. Be part of this successful program and enjoy the rewards of greater friendships, bonds, and sense of accomplishment.

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