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The following may answer many of the questions that we have been asked about Arden on the Severn, the community organizations within Arden, and 'covenants and restrictions' that govern life within Arden.  If you require further information, please Contact Us by communicating with the Arden Beaches, Inc. section representative that represents the area in which your home resides.

Arden DOES NOT have an HOA. There are NO articles of incorporation for Arden on the Severn.

Arden Beaches, Inc. manages and oversees the operation of of the beaches, picnic areas, and boat ramps within the Arden community. ABI is NOT an HOA or recognized by Anne Arundel County or the State of Maryland as a town-governing body. ABI holds no restrictions or covenants on property owners other than a mandatory, $22.00/year membership fee as dictated by the original, 1954 land deeds creating the subdivision. If the owner does not remain current with their dues, they are no longer allowed to use the ABI ammenities and leins may be enacted to recover the deficient payments. The corporation carries a master insurance plan that covers all of the active board members and seasonal personnel hired to manage the beaches.

If you need a C.O.I. (Certificate of Insurance) for the Arden Properties, please contact:

Frances Smutniak, CISR, AAI
Account Executive

The Pennoyer Group
A Member of The Hilb Group of MD, LLC
2135 Defense Highway
Crofton, MD 21114
443-332-0062 Direct Line
301-261-6940 Main Office
301-261-6546 Fax
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The Arden Community Associationorganizes activity groups, meets to determine the focus of community interests, and oversees the publication of the NewsBuoy (the official publication of Arden). ACA is NOT an HOA or recognized by Anne Arundel County or the State of Maryland as a town-governing body. ACA holds no restrictions or covenants on property owners in this community. The Arden Community Association annual dues are voluntary and are not retroactively enforcable. The association does have a master insurance plan and the only coverage is for the Town Hall building which is maintained by the members of the association through the use of some of the voluntary contributions received.

The two groups are wholly separate, carry their own budgets and leadership, and operate individually. Arden on the Severn is not a "Planned Community". There is no official Homeowner's Association and, other than the $22/year mandatory membership fee, there are no other fees due to the community.

If you have further questions on this subject (for instance, if the person is up to date on their annual payments), please contact the Registrar, listed under the Arden Beaches, Inc. dropdown menu on the Contact Us form.

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